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We have a 100% employment rate for the first time ever in the Jaywalker Modified Integrated Outpatient Program. The jobs range from sheet metal and steel fabrication to ticket sales and food service at Aspen SkiCo. Several of our men are working in retail and another is working in holiday seasonal work decorating Aspen’s finest hotels and residences. With gainful employment comes the challenge of balancing work life, social life and recovery life. With a focus on the joy of living, the men can support one another in the MIOP group process and help each other navigate the day to day challenges that can threaten sobriety. This work plays out in our group each Monday and Thursday evening with constructive feedback that challenges behaviors, and the sharing of ideas and behaviors that bring success in recovery. With everyone working, we are challenged to find a day each month where we can come together outside of therapy to play. The group members are putting their heads together to identify December’s play day. Everyone is hoping to pull off an ice climbing day in January. MIOP is currently 14 focused and hardworking souls committed to making positive and lasting change in their lives and giving back to our community.

Lenny Beaulieu, M.Ed., CAC III
Director, Outpatient Services
Jaywalker Lodge