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On Monday our Expedition Director Lynn Sanson, my boss/mentor/friend, accomplished a dream.  Lynn Sanson completed the Nose of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park with his son Tobin.  While completing the rock climb is an amazing feat, I know that this means much more to him than just another ascent of a sheer rock wall.
Lynn has been attempting this climb for the last few years, and has had several demoralizing defeats.  Each time, I watched him prepare diligently but come back being humbled by this 3000ft testpiece.  It was hard for me to see someone who is so competent and level headed to come up short.
This year, there was a change.  I saw Lynn make some changes to his approach to an already extremely healthy and active lifestyle.  I saw someone who was going to do whatever it took to complete the dream.  In addition,  his son Tobin made some huge progress in his own climbing, including several very difficult routes on El Cap.  In my eyes, their partnership on the wall took on a new meaning.  I knew they would be successful this time.
Please help me in congratulating Lynn on his accomplishment.  He has helped countless addicts and alcoholics, myself included, achieve the miracle of sobriety.  Seeing him complete this dream is very special, a gift to him for all he has given.
David K.