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Five months ago I was alone, full of fear and completely stuck. I couldn’t escape the pain I was causing myself. Time and time again I had convinced myself that I could do some controlled drinking. Once again, I was stuck with that same hopeless gut wrenching feeling. I knew I couldn’t go on like this but was unable to pull myself out on my own accord. By the grace of God some Jaywalker alumni reached out their hand and I put down the fight. I thank God for that split second moment of clarity. Looking back my life has change dramatically in just six short months.

Today, I am blessed with so many opportunities for which I can finally show up. I’m striving to be the man I always knew I was meant to be. My life is by no means easy today but it is satisfying to go through the hard parts without needing a drink or a drug. Today I get to show up to work and be fully accountable for myself. Half a year ago I could barely leave my house. I am currently attending Colorado University to finish my degree in mathematics while working full time and I attend 12 step meetings on a regular basis. These are just a few of the building blocks that have worked for me in early recovery. I also keep a strict routine of working out and eating healthy. I personally believe in order to become the best I can be I have to work on my physical, mental and spiritual self.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of skiing in Keystone with 7 other Jaywalker Alumni. Having been an athlete my entire life along with always being apart of a team I felt connected. Once drug addiction really took hold of me I became very isolated and was losing my ability to connect. Growing close to other men in sobriety has been key. Every single Jaywalker Alumni trip brings me closer to guys that I share a common bond with. I have made some long lasting friendships that are continuing to grow. I know at anytime I could reach out to any of these guys and they would be there to help. Connection is the most important part of the Alumni trips I go on. Never the less there are always good laughs, great food and extreme sports. I am forever grateful for my recovery and the role Jaywalker has played in it.

Grateful Alumnus,

Rob W