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kertonApproximately 2400 contestants lined up to start the final step of months, if not years of training, sacrifice, and dedication. One of those athletes was our very own, Brendon Kerton. Ahead of him was 140.6 miles consisting of a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride, and a 26.2 mile run. The fastest people on the planet take nine plus hours to complete this distance. Few people can say they have crossed the white line at the other end, let alone twice, like Brendon was set out to do. Ironman brings out a very diverse crowd and most athletes have quite a story to tell, Kerton is definitely included in that group. Brendon’s first triathlon was in 2011 which was a half Ironman distance; in 2012 he took on a full distance race at Ironman Texas, and in 2013 he completed another half Ironman in Kansas. Among these he has finished a few marathons as well. Brendon has been troubled with an injury as of late which is very much a part of high volume training; it didn’t affect his swim or bike but was inevitably going to slow down his marathon time. He dug deep and completed the event, not at the time he had been shooting for all year, but giving up was not an option. As a triathlete myself and an occasional training partner of Brendon’s, I find lots of inspiration and guidance in my time running and biking with Brendon.  Ironman’s’ slogan is, “Anything is Possible” and Brendon has proven this once again. Congratulations Brendon!

Peyton Ward

Night Technician

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