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IMG_8978Carolyn Gregoire wrote an article in The Third Metric of the Huffington Post (1/30/14), espousing the values of a humanities education. She included some interesting quotes which alluded to:

  • Not worrying about post college when you enter college
  • That money is a bad way to measure the value of a college major, and
  • Even more important, that college students should be encouraged to study something for which they have a natural talent.

There exists a stereotype called the broke-unemployed-humanities-major, but proponents of the humanities claim that “career-specific skills can often be learned on the job, whereas critical thinking and problem-solving skills are invaluable benefits of a humanities education” (The Third Metric, Huffington Post, 1/30/14).  I thought I would challenge the stereotype by listing the names and area of study of some very successful humanities majors.

  • Conan O’Brien, History and American Literature
  • Ted Turner, Classics
  • Mitt Romney, English
  • J.K. Rowling, French and Classics
  • Steven Spielberg, English
  • Jon Stewart, Psychology
  • Stewart Butterfield, Philosophy
  • AND our own, Bob Ferguson, CEO and founder of Jaywalker, Theatre

Janet DeMars

Program Director

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