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Nate Dog

Before Jaywalker Lodge, and before Carbondale, my life had been a series of hit and runs. I would leave as soon as things in my life started to disintegrate. When I came up to Jaywalker, I did not expect to stay in the community. But the longer I stayed, the more that I realized I wanted to be here. I made a home for myself in this community and I used to support structure to my advantage. I worked, volunteered, and went to school at Colorado Mountain College. When I realized a couple short months ago that my time was coming to an end, and that I would need to move on to further schooling I didn’t know what to do. Today has been a day full of emotions, and I am not ashamed of that. I have cried today when saying my goodbyes. It has been full of happiness, nervousness, and sadness. I am nervous to leave, but ready to attend school down in Denver, Colorado. I am sad to say goodbye to a community that has helped to keep me clean and sober. While I know that I am leaving, I know that everyone up here will always be a brother to me. I am happy that today I am able to make this move clean and sober, and with the full support of the sober community. I thank each and every one of you for the support that you have given me these past couple years. I love you all so much, and this is not goodbye forever. Because of Jaywalker and the counselors there, I am sober today. I will move, start school, and start working down in Denver. And while there is no guarantee that I will stay sober, I can stay sober. Jaywalker has given me the tools, and now the ball is in my court.

Nathan F.
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