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soluts foodLast week at Jaywalker I was given the opportunity to prepare dinner with Michael M. for all of the clients at Jaywalker Lodge who stayed around for the holidays, about 25 people. It was a great experience. We filled in for Chef Brian, giving him relief between Christmas and New Year’s. Brian and I prepared a menu a few days in advance and Brian ensured all ingredients and cooking directions were well laid out. Although it was hard to match Brian’s stellar cooking, our meal was well received by all. We started cooking around noon preparing: seasoned roasted potatoes, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, and a deconstructed chicken cordon bleu (seared chicken breasted with a ham and provolone sauce-masterfully crafted by Michael). Cooking has been a long time hobby of mine; to be able to work with Chef Brian and prepare this meal gave me a great sense of accomplishment. Working with my friend Mike strengthened our relationship. Jaywalker provides me endless experiences and joy pursuing different passions, from cooking to skiing, while focusing on recovery from drugs and alcohol. I recently moved from Jaywalker Lodge to a different program at Jaywalker, Solutions, a more service oriented program. I am looking forward to this new focus in my recovery. We will be traveling to New Orleans soon to help Hurricane Katrina victims who are still rebuilding their houses 8 years after the storm passed. I am excited to move onto this new venture in recovery and focus on helping others.

Dan K

Solutions Client