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high ropesLast week myself and the other Jaywalker U students went to the Colorado Mountain College high ropes course with Johann Aberger. There, we pushed our limits and learned about personal transformation and personal commitments. The ropes course was used as a way for us to see the value in our peers because all of the activities required trust and faith in each other. We then took this knowledge and saw in order to reach some of our own personal goals we needed the help of others. The most important topic this week was commitment.  Commitment is keeping constant vigilance to a goal. We talked about how in order to reach our goals we needed to first define them, and then commit to them. Once we make our commitment, then we need to break it down into what we can do on a day-to-day basis in order to reach that goal. Through this activity we built trust in each other and confidence that we can reach our goals.

Nico W.

Jaywalker U Student