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When Our Career is to Help Others, We must Help Ourselves First

Several Jaywalker employees from both the clinical and administrative staff, just returned from a “Healing the Healers” retreat in Snowmass, CO. We are in the business of saving and changing lives. We excel at helping others, but often not ourselves! The primary purpose of this workshop was to show those who give so much of themselves, how to practice self-care and achieve the elusive life balance. We learned to identify obstacles, limiting-beliefs, and frustrations which cause us to operate at less than optimal capacity and co-authored a customized plan for healthy self-care and Holistic healing.

The workshop was created and facilitated by Bill Corbett, founder and president of Corbett Business consulting, who specializes in improving the productivity and performance of Addiction Treatment centers and associated businesses. Bill has been a ongoing partner and mentor with Jaywalker Lodge as they have expanded their Continuum of Care and Recovery Services. Bill created a trust-centered safe space for the attendees to honestly share their experience and concerns as caregivers and cooperatively develop solutions for living a “balanced and fulfilling life.” The program is steeped in mindfulness practice and meditation, ideas for creating sacred space at both home and office, and strategies for prioritizing our passions and purpose so we can find our true “Heart Path.”

To better serve others, I must work relentlessly to know myself. It is a process of uncovering, discovering, and discarding who I’m not, and then building on whom I truly am. ” Bill Corbett

We learned to practice unconditional self-love, trust in our Higher Power, live in gratitude, and develop and use our supporting networks. Maintaining our health and serenity as care givers is an essential part of our continued growth and development and ensures our availability to be of service to others. Not unlike the the 12 Steps, this is most definitely a WE program !

With Gratitude,

Mark Kloster
Alumni coordinator