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Jeff-Action-Shot-696x1024The Jeff Kremer, runner extraordinaire and Director of Clinical Operations, celebrated his Belly Button Birthday yesterday.  Jeff is currently out of town celebrating this momentous occasion, but he is never far from our hearts here at Jaywalker.  When interviewing for a position at Jaywalker, Jeff makes it a point to come off as quite intimidating, and while he may never forgive me for saying this, he is the exact opposite of that. After working with Jeff for almost a year, I’ve come to see that it was an exterior facade.   Jeff makes everyone at Jaywalker laugh daily, whether it’s during the winter and he’s talking about the very fun commute he gets to make on HWY 82 or some other comment he has made with that straight face of his right before he breaks a smile.  He’s intelligent, speaks his mind, super proud of his kids and loves to read literature (something I just found out about him).   He has amazing insights of our clients and is genuinely spot on with what sort of care should be taken with each individual. I asked Jeff once how he does that, he replied “he’d been doing it for a long time.”   This may be true, but I believe it’s more than that.   Some people can be in a job for years and still never master it; while others grow, become wiser and excel:  Jeff you have accomplished all of these. He is organized and structured and has some of the best will power I’ve ever seen in a person.   If I ever break my watch, I could tell the time by Jeff’s schedule.  Jeff is an inspiration to us all here at Jaywalker and it is with extreme gratitude that I can not only call him my co-worker, but also my friend.  Happiest of Birthdays to you Jeff!

Penny Brown

Administrative Coordinator

Jaywalker Lodge