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Bobby in a dressWe wanted to pause on this day to applaud our founder & friend Bobby Ferguson for 23 years of sobriety! Pretty cool when a kid from NYC can find not only himself but find it in his heart to help countless others. We are all thankful that Bobby relocated to the Rocky Mountains & executed on his vision of having fun in sobriety by creating Jaywalker Lodge. We at Jaywalker think Bobby’s spirit, passion & focus as a pioneer in the industry of recovery sets him in a special place. At the same time we know what is most meaningful is the kind of father & husband Bobby is to his amazing children & his Bride Andi. We all just want to sit in gratitude on this special day and say, “Thank You.”

It’s funny, Bobby is the only man I know that can harness the respect of all his employees while wearing a skirt! Let’s just say we all genuinely respect your uniqueness while admiring your overt leadership.

Happy Birthday Bobby. You are half way to 46! We all wish you well in the next 23. One day at a time we can’t imagine the road ahead.

Love & Respect,
The Jaywalker Team