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green is the new blackThe past Friday, March 13th and Saturday, March 14th, Carbondale Community Arts and Humanities (CCAH) produced their 7th Annual Green is the New Black Fashion Show.  Their theme this year was: Underground. The performance was full of locals, performance art, inspiring sustainable fashion and a storyline to boot, this show isn’t just entertaining– it was about raising money to educate our youth in the Roaring Fork Valley. While the show and its designers created a lot of buzz, the sole purpose of this show is to make Arts education more accessible for youth in our community. The show took place at the Carbondale Recreation Center, but they were able to transform this space into a spectacular, city-esque, fashion runway.  Green is the New Black has sold out five of the last six years, and this year was no exception.  The show was standing room only, with all 500 seats being filled for shows both nights.

In a way, Green is the New Black is an event you’d expect to find in a big city. But its message of sustainability and nurturing local talent makes perfect sense for our valley.  Its events such as this, that happen in the unique town of Carbondale that truly makes this place so special.

Natalyn Cumings

Manager of Human Resources & Client Billing

Jaywalker Lodge