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mujnbubiEvery Friday here at Jaywalker U we have goals and accountability group. Every week we tailor our goals to what we want and need in our recovery/lifestyle, and every week we meet to see how well we are doing with those goals. This creates a safe place for us to discuss what we want, if we need help completing these goals, and a good place for us to ask for help. I can ask a roommate to help me where I need it, and I can do the same for them. While I was using, my goal was to use, and my using friends kept me accountable to that. Now, in recovery: my goals have changed, and I have a whole community to keep me accountable. This group has helped me to achieve a 4.0, a solid foundation in my recovery, and a group of close knit friends that helps me to achieve anything I can dream of.

Nate F.


Jaywalker U