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“He’s probably the smartest guy working at Jaywalker,” said a colleague the other day as we sat having lunch.  I have to say I couldn’t disagree.  He was referring to our resident Bayou Bengal, our own Doctor in waiting, Mr. Art Kleinschmidt.   Art celebrated 12 years in recovery on Sunday.  His journey the last 12 years has been diverse and robust.  Working with gang bangers in the Twin Cities, high risk youth in Garfield County, and of course our Jaywalker clan.  His “Stepping Stone” workbook is one of the best recovery manuals on the market.  He wrote it while simultaneously working on his PHD.   Anyone else written a book lately?   He and his wife Katie have recently taken on parenting responsibilities for Art’s teenage niece, who came from a difficult living situation in New Orleans.  He was needed, he was there.  Art walks, talks and lives the 12 Steps.  What you see, is what you get.  The genuine article.  Thanks Art.  You’re a Saint.

Dan Reed

Program Director

Jaywalker Solutions