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Jaywalkers Landing Program Supervisor, Brendon Kerton, celebrated 5 years of sobriety this last Saturday. This was truly an inspiration to all Jaywalker alumni. Brendon is someone who has come full circle with Jaywalker, from client to counselor. When congratulated for his sobriety Brendon responded with, “Woo hoo! Thanks everybody. Let me say that this has been a team effort. I appreciate it.” A humbling answer from one who knows firsthand that, “I can’t, but we can!” Brendon can be unrelenting (completed a full Ironman, was determined to work at Jaywalker) and is a testament to the stereotypical stubborn Irish persona. These attributes along with a heart determined to give back to the suffering is why he is with us today. Thank you Brendon for everything you do and congratulations on the 5 years!

Donnie Hagenbart
Program Coordinator
Jaywalker U