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On Friday, the 5th of April, Cary rudely awoke Solutions. It seemed too early. It was 8 am. After much cajoling, we all got into the Sprinter, the trunk packed with mountain bikes. After a painfully long journey, during which Cary allowed Stephen to blast some of the most objectionable music I’ve ever heard, we arrived. We assembled our bikes. We took off. As may be apparent I was not in the best mood.

My attitude gradually changed as we ascended the terrain. Perhaps it was the view. After all it was beautiful. Perhaps it was seeing Cary gasping to catch his breath. Perhaps it was Spiritual. I don’t pretend to know why my day turned around. All I know is that a common theme for me in recovery is effort. If I exert real effort into activities, which admittedly, I don’t always want to do, with people whom I don’t always want to be with, the reward is greater than the effort expended. I believe this is Spiritual. It transcends words. It is Mountain Biking, with Cary, last Friday.

Brian G

Solutions Client