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campfireWhile expedition is a unique opportunity to explore new activities and challenge yourself physically, I have found that the fellowship gained during the down time is just as rewarding. On our recent expedition to Twin Lakes, the wind and rain tested our resolve as a group, yet each night we gathered around the campfire and enjoyed the fellowship that I have only found when around other addicts and alcoholics. The connections and friendships made during these trips have lasted and grown for me, as I am sure they will for each group of men.  Expeditions are a time to relax and unwind from the rigors of everyday treatment at the Lodge, yet every time I go on a trip the topic of recovery from the disease of addiction stays at the forefront. Every expedition I gain insight from the men, and I share my experience with them. This is the basis of the fellowship in the program, and I believe a big part of why it works.

Dave Krimstock

Expedition Assistant

Jaywalker Lodge