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Another large, successful family program has ended.  Family programs take place approximately every six weeks at Jaywalker. This one included clients and families from both the Lodge and Solutions program.   The four days of education, therapy and family interaction is exhausting and exhilarating at the same time.  Twenty five participants required the skills and services of six counselors, Kim, Lois, Art from the Lodge program and Jacquie Wheeler and Dan Reed from Solutions, as well as, much extra effort by all staff members.  As is typical, families, clients and counselors come out of Friday afternoon’s family sculpting session emotionally drained.  Sunday morning the program ends with a closure group, a coin out ceremony where clients share their gratitude with their families and present each family member with a medallion.  Chef Brian prepares a wonderful brunch, adelectable button on the weekend.

The family comments and answers on the survey questionnaires often say it all.  Typical comments are: “Great lecture by Dan Reed.  I never heard the 12 steps explained so clearly before,”  “When I first heard family sculpting explained I thought it was going to really be difficult but we got so much out of it,”  “Jaywalker has something special I can’t explain but something unique from any other treatment program I’ve attended,” “Your alumni are awesome and impressive,” “We’re so happy our son is at Jaywalker”.

Finally, as a counselor, it is an always a privilege  to participate in the very best of humanity; the gritty and lasting love of family members, as they rise  to the occasion  to support loved ones fighting for their lives.

Kim Nuzzo

Senior Lodge Counselor