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Men at Jaywalker Lodge are motivated in their recovery; and engage on a daily basis with their peers to create and maintain an active, caring community of sober people. The program combines a rigorous clinical curriculum with a variety of mountain-based activities.

On a weekly basis the men are required to present sections, or assignments, to their counselors and peers. Sections are in-depth questions about the consequences and unmanageability of one’s addiction. Men are encouraged to come up with emotionally honest responses as opposed to detached fact based responses.

Dan Reed, Jaywalker Solutions Director, developed a new system here at Jaywalker where men will answer questions on the role entitlement has played in perpetuating their addiction:

  • How has money, position, or family buffered you from experiencing the severe consequences of your disease?
  • Has an attitude of “better than” played a part in your not engaging the humility required to work a 12 step program?
  • Have you assumed that “I’ll just go back to treatment” if a relapse occurs, discounting the potentially fatal nature of the disease?
  • Has this been your story in the past?
  • Have you engaged a “sense of urgency” to embrace a recovering lifestyle, or do you view recovery inconvenience to what you feel you are entitled?

This section as well as all of the other sections gives the men a chance to fully personalize Step One.

Donnie Hagenbart

Program Coordinator

Jaywalker U