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The entire Jaywalker community would like to congratulate Craig Farnum, College Counselor at Colorado Mountain College, for his newest achievement.  We can now officially address him as Dr. Craig Farnum.  On 4/15/2105 Craig defended his dissertation and was officially awarded a doctoral degree as a Counselor Educator.  Craig’s dissertation demonstrated that using the Leader/Detractor Scale in education would improve a student’s learning and behavior.  His survey and findings proved the success of this instrument.  This Leader/Detractor Scale (L/D Scale) is used for collegiate athletes at St. Michael’s College in Vermont and for all classes taught by Craig’s mentor, Dave Landers, PhD.  Dave, author of I Wish He Had Taught Me To Shave, has been a fan of both Craig and the Jaywalker community for many years.  The L/D scale is used for students, employees, and clients to identify themselves as Leaders, Contributors, Participants, Observers or Detractors.

In addition to writing and defending his dissertation, Craig and his wife, Colleen, have been very busy as new parents to Everson, the newest addition to their family.  Their daughter was born on February 20th and went on her first bike ride last Sunday.  She is a keeper.  And so is Craig.