Donnie Celebrates 5


Jaywalker would like to congratulate admissions and marketing coordinator and Jaywalker Lodge alum, Donnie Hagenbart, on celebrating five years of sobriety. Donnie has been a shining example of recovery in the roaring fork valley since his arrival five years ago. When he was lead teller at Wells Fargo he was one of the most active volunteers that Jaywalker has ever had, when he got hired at Jaywalker U he spent countless hours improving that program and the clients who went through it, since he took over the admissions and marketing coordinator position he has done absolutely nothing and he needs to clean his office out immediately. Just kidding.

Donnie has been a great friend, passionate alumnus, knower of all things about everything, but most importantly a frequent wearer of corduroy. Congrats on five years my friend.

John Schneier
Director of Outreach Services and Alumni Relations

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