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dave krimmyHE DID IT!!!!! HE ACTUALLY DID IT!!!!! Dave Krimstock has managed to not drink or use drugs for 3 years…  What makes this accomplishment all the more impressive is that Dave arrived in our community three years ago as a scraggly refugee of Boulder’s Bohemian mountain lifestyle. No one ever thought a bearded man from Boulder could possibly stay sober…  the odds were just stacked too high against him. But here Dave stands before you today, an outlier, a man who looked the odds makers in the face, laughed out loud, and bet on himself.

When I first met Dave he was still trying to figure out how to properly use shoes. We were enrolled in the Jaywalker MIOP program together. He would show up every night, covered in dirt. At first I just chalked this up to his Boulder heritage, but I eventually found out that he had a job digging ditches, that he showed up to regularly… Needless to say I was shocked, and my perception of Dave began to change. It was clear that this was no ordinary hippie; he knew the meaning of hard work. One thing was clear, Dave wanted to be sober, and was willing to put in the work… Of course, Lenny proceeded to keep him in MIOP for a year.

Serious part… Dave Krimstock is an extraordinary human being. He is the most driven and determined individual I have ever met. He is a loving brother and son to his family, an accomplished athlete, a dedicated employee, a caring sponsor, and a loyal friend. I am honored to call Dave my friend. Dave has succeeded in changing his life. It was once consumed by pain and negative consequences, but now is a shining example of physical health, real friendships, and positive influence on those around him. In my estimation, Dave embodies the spirit of Jaywalker Lodge. Stories like his are what we are all about.

Alex Colins

Residential Manager

Jaywalker Lodge