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Sam G 4 yearsToday we say congratulations and Merry Christmas to Sam Goff, who is celebrating 4 years of recovery today. Sam is one of my best friends. He is an all-around great guy, as well as a loyal, honest, and caring friend. It is safe to say that Sam is indeed loved and respected by all who know him.

Sam is a valuable asset to the Jaywalker team, and a respected member of the recovery community. His humble nature and kind demeanor allow him to easily communicate, and relate well with young men in early, recovery….. Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah….. NOW LETS TALK ABOUT HIS ABS!

Sam does 8,000 crunches a day, and he is always flexing. He has taken about three times as many pictures with his shirt off then with it on. Seriously, you couldn’t keep a shirt on this guy if the temperature was -40 degrees outside. Just the other day I walked into the tech office and he was applying lotion to his abs. He tried to be all like, “Uhhh…I got a new tattoo and I need to do this to take care of it”, but I’m confident that this wasn’t the case because he was; 1. Flexing like he always does, and 2. He was staring into the mirror and saying “mirror, mirror on the wall. Who has the best abs of them all?” I said to him “SAM!!! PUT YOUR SHIRT BACK ON!!! YOU’RE AT WORK FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!” To which he replied “I thought that this was okay because Penny and Lois told me it was Fine?!?!”

Sam, thank you for everything you do. You’re a great friend, and the Jaywalker community is lucky to have you as a part of it.

Alex Colins

Residential Manager

Jaywalker Lodge