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lois and daughterIn celebration of Lois’s 24th recovery anniversary, I’d like to express a few words of gratitude and appreciation.  I’ve had the privilege of knowing Lois for many years and over that time she’s supported me in every aspect of my life and recovery.  From addiction counselor, to mentor, family counselor, to fellow traveler- Lois has always made time for me in her busy schedule and I know she’s done the same for countless others.  I also credit Lois with the success of my current career.  Many years ago, knowing I wasn’t satisfied with my current position, Lois encouraged me to go back to school to pursue counseling.   At the time I still didn’t believe in myself, but Lois believed in me, and I leaned on her faith to provide the courage I needed to complete school and start a new career.  Today I have the job of my dreams- one that’s incredibly satisfying and provides me with purpose and meaning.  I am eternally grateful to Lois for always guiding me in the right direction.

In closing I want to share some of characteristics I appreciate most about Lois:

  •  Lois walks her talk- she continually works a program and shares from her experience.  Most of all Lois is a role model.  She shows as much (or more) than she tells.
  •  Lois tells me the truth- whether I like it or not (but always in a loving, supportive, compassionate atmosphere).
  •  Lois has a great sense of humor.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a meeting with Lois where we didn’t laugh.
  •  Lois truly cares about her clients and her staff.  Her capacity for compassion is deep and enduring.
  •  Lois is an exceptional counselor whose skill I hope to emulate.

Congratulations on 24 years of recovery Lois.  Thank you for sticking around and continuing to show us all how it works!

Stefan Bate, MA
Program Director
A New Path