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Greetings to all at Jaywalker Lodge,

I started to write this letter to you all with true humbleness and appreciation for what you do and will continue to do for your clients in need of help.  You see, It’s June and somewhere around this date, two years ago, my son Daniel arrived on your door step in need of the “magic” that is worked there.  Well the magic worked, and I can’t thank you enough for what you have given back to our family.  It was the hardest and yet wisest choice we have ever made.

However, on further reflection I must truly give the credit to Daniel himself.  Yes, Jaywalker provides the guidelines, tools, the support, knowledge, love and comradery, but without the dedication and hard work put into these things the results aren’t the same. 

Daniel, you have worked so hard on your sobriety and your goals.

You are a compassionate, empathetic, a listener, a good friend to all, and truly a man that anyone could and should strive to be.

You could not have made your parents any prouder. 

So, in short, thank you Jaywalker, but more importantly thank you Daniel Fritton, your hard work has payed off…keep it up.  You are loved by many. 

2 years of sobriety suits you well! CONGRATULATIONS.

With love and admiration,

Your crazy Daddio