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Jaywalker would like to congratulate Chester Walters, Landing Tech, for celebrating 3 years of sobriety last week. Chester grew up in Texas and through a rough childhood fell into drugs and alcohol pretty heavily. Chester attended Jaywalker Lodge in 2010 after a rough few years in college. Just like most of the guys who come through Jaywalker, Chester fell in Love with the mountains and started a life that he could be proud of.

Since graduating the Lodge Chester wanted to get back on his feet. After working 2 years at Aspen Snowmass in advanced ticket sales, Chester wanted to return back to school. Chester received a 4.0 GPA in his first two semesters back in college and is hoping to get his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology here in the near future. Since then Chester has started work here at Jaywalker as a part time tech for The Landing. Chester has been a prime example of how rewarding sobriety can be. Thank you Chester for everything you do and once again congratulations!

Donnie H.

Program Coordinator

Jaywalker U