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Today Briton Bingham celebrates two years of clean time and sobriety! Over the last two years, having gotten to know Brit quite well I can say that he is the perfect example of “fun in recovery.” He has experienced the promises that sobriety can can offer if one chooses to work diligently and honestly toward living to the fullest while being completely engaged in this program. Brit has a way about him that is difficult to put into words. He makes friends today which he cherishes and values. I have watched as he has become a true role model in our community by helping those who can’t quite help themselves and lending a hand to all that ask. I have also watched Brit excel in every hobby and sport which he has begun and continued since getting sober. As he and many others know, it is absolutely painful for me to admit how well he has excelled. From mountain biking to fly fishing the passion and persistence which he puts forth is absolutely remarkable. This is also true of his recovery and willingness to continue down the road of living life clean and sober. Throughout the past two years Brit has traveled far and wide in search of the most challenging and truly terrifying mountain bike trails and ski resorts, chasing his passion for the outdoors and the next adventure, many times dragging myself and others along for the journey. I said this past winter that having Brit as a best friend is a lot like having a full time adventure guide, constantly pushing others to their full potential and really showing people what life can be with out drugs and alcohol. I, as well as many others, can say that Brit has truly brought more than most to the community that we live in and continues to do so every day. The gift of true friendship and loyalty is priceless and Brit has shown me over the last two years what that really means and how it feels to know that no matter what, we are on the road of recovery together and nothing is going to change that. Happy two years brother!