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stanley jones 3 yearsOn March 10, Stanley Jones celebrates his third consecutive year in sobriety. Through out and during the past three years Stanley has become one of my closest friends. I have watched him grow and mature but most importantly I have seen him impact the lives of many. By being an honest, loyal, outgoing and dedicated member of our community Stanley has become a true example of what we as Jaywalker Lodge alumnus and employee’s stand for. I remember meeting Stanley when I was early in my recovery and we almost immediately became very close friends. Even though most of our friendship I have spent struggling physically behind him on mountain bikes, I can say that myself and many others have been truly motivated and inspired by his dedication to sobriety and his courage along the way. Today is a special day for him and those who know him because Stanley is and continues to be what we all believe happiness in recovery looks like. So “take a lap” today Stanley and congratulations on three years.

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