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mark veggie headLast Friday Alumni Coordinator, Mark Kloster, celebrated 4 years of sobriety! Many people say, “So-and-so is their rock!” Well Mark Kloster is the rock to many people. Mark has always been positive and there for many of us. I met Mark two years ago and found out that he was originally a cop. I thought to myself, that I would not get along with Mark because I disliked cops in the past. But Mark is just like you and me. He’s a loving, caring, funny, outgoing man who I’m glad to call my friend. Since the first day I met Mark He has always been there for me, always cheering me up, and always giving me positive feedback that helped me get through many tough situations. Mark is fully transformed the alumni program and has given the alumni the chance to do volunteer work around the community and expand their horizons. In turn, helping those in recovery feel that we are appreciated and are good people. I’m so proud of Mark for reaching four years of sobriety and showing me and that if you stick in the rooms and reach out that you can stay sober through anything.

Austin D

Jaywalker Alum