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lenny cookingOur very own Lenny Beaulieu celebrates 7 years of continuous sobriety even though he was, “never that bad.” Ha. Allow me to explain. I met Lenny when we were patients together on the Tiebout Unit at Hazelden in August of 2007. It was my third time there. I was that bad. However, after about a week on the unit a nice guy with a great smile showed up and told us all that he was here, yes, but just for a quick assessment. He wasn’t that bad! Well, the assessment said differently and Lenny was forced to reconcile his concept of unmanageability with the clear diagnosis of “very bad” which he received from Hazelden Clinical Staff. Luckily, for all involved, Lenny is a teachable man. He went on to resolve that cognitive dissonance to great success! He completed treatment, went to IOP here at Jaywalker, got involved in the recovery community and became a certified CAC III counselor. After a stint counseling up valley he joined Jaywalker Lodge as the best IOP director in the west. It has been quite a journey and I love being able to work here at Jaywalker with my friend that I met back in 2007 when he wasn’t that bad. He sure has made the most of his recovery regardless of that.

Happy B Day, Len! Wishing you many more.

Brendon Kerton

Landing Program Supervisor