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Sol Theatre Photo

Cast and crew celebrate another successful production with a cast pizza party at SOL Theatre headquarters!

Jaywalker men were part of a large community contingent which helped with the  “Set Strike” following the successful run of James and the Giant Peach, SOL theatre company’s latest production at Carbondale Middle School. SOL ( Stage of Life ) Theatre company’s mission is to “build a healthy community and nurture our youth to their greatest potential through the performing arts.” SOL Theatre helps children and young adults expand their self concept, inspires them to lead by example and educates them to build the social and emotional tools in order to live meaningful lives. SOL is a performing arts company and training conservatory that specializes in teaching acting, dancing, singing and more. Jaywalker’s volunteer labor helps defray production costs with the goal of offering their programs at the lowest costs and to help provide scholarships to those who otherwise couldn’t afford it.

Keeping children and young adults active is one of the most effective deterrents to substance abuse. Students that have a goal they are working toward in life or are busy with sports, music, or theatre are much less likely to get involved with drugs or alcohol. In addition, research links after school programs to reductions in crime, increased school day attendance, and improved graduation rates. This fall Jaywalker hopes to partner with SOL’s Improv Troupe to bring a message of addiction awareness to local schools.

Next on the calendar is “Alice in Wonderland” on May 4-5, and SOL will be partnering with Thunder River Theatre to offer two summer camps in July.

Mark Kloster
Alumni Coordinator