/  Jaywalker   /   Colorado native celebrates 3 years sober

Jaywalker’s Landing Programs full time tech, Adam M, celebrated 3 years sober last week. Adam, being a Colorado native went through Jaywalker Lodge about 3 years ago. Since graduating the Lodge, Adam started work up at Aspen Snowmass in a ski and snowboard shop. This was a good opportunity for Adam to start being a productive member of society again in the environment that he loves so much. After working 2 years up in Aspen he had the opportunity to start working for the program that saved his life. Adam spends his days assisting with the everyday activities at the Landing and more importantly being a great example of what this program can do. When the time was right he enrolled back in college. College was always a challenge for Adam, but since getting sober and working the steps college became much more achievable. In Adams words, “Since getting my priorities straight, finishing school has been one of my biggest goals. School is much easier now that I’m sober and something that I actually enjoy.” Since returning to school and staying sober Adam achieved a 4.0 GPA last semester. All of this while working a full time job. I had the opportunity to go through the Lodge with Adam and he has been one of the most influential people in my life today. Everyone at Jaywalker would like to congratulate Adam on his 3 years. You are an inspiration to us all and for more to come. Thank you Adam!

Donnie Hagenbart
Program Coordinator
Jaywalker U