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The college, in which the Jaywalker U students attend, Colorado Mountain College, was ranked in the top 20 of nationwide community colleges. CNNMoney reports CMC’s “success rate” earned the college the No. 17 slot nationally, as well as the No. 1 ranking within Colorado. This places the college in the top 2 percent of success rates among all medium-sized public community colleges. The article and ranking can be found at:


Colorado Mountain College is a two-year, comprehensive community college that also grants bachelor’s degrees. CMC is the perfect college for Jaywalker U students to return back to school while still remaining sober. CMC can be the final destination for the JWU students who are looking to receive a bachelor’s degree in business administration or sustainable studies. After CMC’s top 20 ranking of nationwide community colleges, CMC can also be the school that the JWU students use to transition back into traditional 4-yr colleges. Colorado Mountain College is a great value. Tuition is low. And students are successful. This top 20 ranking proves it.

Donnie Hagenbart
Program Coordinator
Jaywalker U