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colorado gives dayToday marks the annual Colorado Gives Day. Now this may not seem worthwhile, but its encouragement to everyone in Colorado to give to non-profit organization. In 2012, Colorado Gives Day helped non-profits across Colorado to raise over 15 million dollars. This gives organizations a chance at success; organizations from AIDS research to animal sanctuaries participate in order to help fund the necessities for their (usually financially waning) organizations. My 7 years of using consisted of looking out for only myself, and sobriety has given me a chance to fix that. Days like today remind me that I should be giving back to my community and that losing myself in service work is a perfect way to find out who I really am. Jaywalker teaches us that a big part of sobriety is service work, and my higher power sends days like this in order to remind me to give back to my local community.

Nate F.

Jaywalker U Student