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jerry moe

Helping children in families and communities dealing with Addiction, Build resiliency”

Kids have a unique perspective in viewing the world. How do our children cope with the mixed messages of drug and alcohol use within the home and in their community? How can we help them get support and become more resilient? While it has long been held that alcoholism and drug addiction are a family disease and a concerning community issue, there are few opportunities for young children to be an integral part of the treatment, recovery and healing process.

A Way Out, a non-profit dedicated to supporting adolescents, youth, adults and families in drug and alcohol crisis, is presenting the second lecture in a series entitled, Issues of Substance, addressing substance abuse, mental health and how to thrive in recovery. The presentation will feature Jerry Moe, an author, lecturer and trainer on issues for children and families hurt by addiction and offers solutions for supporting our kids to thrive in the complicated world of substance abuse and addiction. Jerry Moe, MA, pictured above, is the National Director of the Children’s Program at Betty Ford. The event will be held at the Jerome Hotel in Aspen on Thursday September 25 at 5:30 PM. There is no charge for the event and snacks will be provided.

Please RSVP at your earliest convenience to : director@awayout.org

With Gratitude,

Mark Kloster
Alumni Coordinator