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Brian-Head-Shot-300x2931980 – Mount St. Helen’s erupted, John Lennon was assassinated, Ronald Reagan was elected, the Pac-Man game was released, Blues Brothers made its film debut, parachute pants and leg warmers were the fad and Chef Brian was born.  And, who shot JR?   Many of you may have no knowledge on any of these, but since I graduated high school that year, I remember most of them well, except for one – Chef Brian being born.  I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Brian until I started here at Jaywalker last August.

Brian is quite simply one of the nicest and kindest men I have ever met.   He goes above and beyond daily for our clients and staff here.  The dedication and pride he takes in his cooking and the willingness to share any tips with us is admirable.   We see this not only every day at Jaywalker, but during Family Programs, Referent Weekends, Extended Table, Alumni BBQ’s and cooking classes with the clients at Solutions and JWU.  His patience to work with our clients and teach them how to cook is unparalleled.  He prepares an incredible dinner Monday-Friday for our clients; and yet it’s not uncommon to hear him ask any one of us if we would like something for lunch and he prepares it too.  That’s just who he is.  This pride and dedication is also seen in his personal life.  If you have ever seen his Corvette, you know what I’m talking about.  It’s a beauty.  I am honored to work with you Brian and to call you my friend.  Happy Birthday.

Penny Brown

Administrative Coordinator

Jaywalker Lodge