The Importance of Giving Back in Recovery Treatment

giving back

From a purely medical standpoint, altruism does not seem like an appropriate treatment for alcoholism and addiction. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the 12-Step program has an intense focus on altruism and just so happens to be among the most effective, successful, and versatile treatment methods for alcoholism and addiction ever devised. Adding altruism to recovery treatment increases the chances that one can get and stay recovered, as proven by the success of those who work the 12-Step program. Of course, altruism alone is not enough. The specific brand of altruism taught in the 12-Step program must be engaged with while continuing to work the entirety of the recovery program. Medical treatments, therapy, and psychiatry along with physical, mental, and emotional health are still important factors, too. Being that alcoholism and addiction is a disease of a three-fold nature — 1) the physical allergy, 2)…

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The Gift of Responsibility


Responsibility is often overlooked when it comes to treating alcoholism and addiction. Jaywalker Lodge understands that freedom is proportional to the responsibility we accept for our lives. And freedom is what recovery is all about — freedom from alcoholism and addiction, freedom from our grosser handicaps, and freedom to live a life of happiness, joy, and purpose. Freedom is everything in recovery, but freedom only grows if the responsibility we’re willing to shoulder grows. Far too often, the very concept of responsibility has a hard time sticking in our world. Not only is responsibility often disdained by alcoholics and addicts like us, but most of the people in our lives (sometimes including those who wish to help us) are unwilling to trust us with responsibility. We have to admit this is fair, given that in our disease we are very seldom responsible for much else besides pain and destruction. Through…

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What Will Life Be Like in Recovery?


This is one of the most common questions we have as newcomers: what will life be like in recovery? We all want to know what’s going to change. Everything can change in recovery, but what changes is primarily up to us. Are we willing to do things differently? It’s going to be what we make of it, but it’s going to be better by default — as long as we’re willing to do the work and stay the course. So, what will life be like in recovery? It’s still going to be life. Some things aren’t going to change much. We’ll still need to work and have shelter, friends and family, and hobbies. Sometimes things will go well, and sometimes they’ll go differently than we’d like them to. There will be joy, heartache, surprise, chaos, routine, etc. Life will still be life. Recovery offers us a daily chance to be free of our…

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Outside Issues: The Importance of Exercise in Recovery


If you’re new to recovery, or even if you’ve been around a while, you probably feel like you already have enough to do every day, every week, and every month. Can we possibly add another thing to the list? If it wasn’t beneficial, we might not bother. But neglecting our physical health in our recovery can be harmful in a myriad of ways. It’s true; we already have plenty to do: work, school, family, relationships, hobbies, meetings, 12-Step work, service work, meals, errands, chores. The list goes on. But let’s be realistic — these things are part of most people’s everyday life. And the efforts we make towards growing and improving our recovery pay infinite dividends, so we’re well-rewarded. But what if there’s an area of our lives that we neglect because of our busy schedules? And what if paying attention to this overlooked area actually improved our lives? That…

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How Can I Deal With My Guilt?


Guilt is something that we all experience, no matter who we are. Whether it’s caused by something in our past or present, everyone will experience guilt at one point or another. Guilt is a natural thing to feel, but it becomes destructive when it lingers beyond its usefulness, follows us everywhere, weighs us down, or causes new problems. Guilt can serve a purpose but can also quickly get out of hand and begin to cause issues of its own. Many alcoholics and addicts have experienced guilt over something that happened in our disease. Maybe it was something we did, or maybe it was something we didn’t do. Maybe it was something that happened to somebody else, and we blame ourselves because our disease kept us away from them. Whatever the source of our feelings of guilt, most alcoholics and addicts experience guilt in early recovery. We regret our lives and our…

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The Power and Impact of Caring

It isn’t difficult to find recovery treatment organizations that actually care about the people they help, but it’s not as easy as it should be either. Actual caring is more than just words. We can say we care and even look like we care without much effort. But true care is evident in the actions we take — it’s something you can feel. As caregivers in the field of recovery treatment, it is incumbent upon us to demonstrate our degree of care in everything we do. Recovery has long been a minefield of misinformation, easily falling prey and being reduced to statistics, demographic restriction, and revolving-door treatment models. This is partly because the disease of alcoholism and addiction is among the most commonly misunderstood diseases affecting people today. Even with all the advances in science and medicine we currently enjoy, the nature of the disease and how we recover from…

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Will I Ever Be Happy?


This is not a trivial question, and it crosses the mind of every human being at least a few times in their life. This question gets asked often when we are new to recovery. For many of us, our lives are in shambles when we get here. We’ve been through a really rough time. And so many changes in early recovery that before we have any firsthand experience with the 12-Steps, we genuinely wonder if we’ll ever be happy again. It’s a legitimate question, sure. But the answer is an unequivocal, “yes!” You will be happy. If you’ve never been happy, you’ll finally know what happiness is like. If you used to be happy, but it’s been a while, you will be happy again. Happiness is something that we all deserve and is attainable for everyone. No matter what you were like before or what your life is like right…

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The Value of Fellowship in Recovery

man on a hill unpacking backpack

We usually only hear the word “fellowship” in popular movies about hobbits or in the rooms of recovery. Many chalk the word’s meaning up to a group of people walking to Mordor or getting coffee after a meeting. Is that all it really means? The word “fellowship” may be a recovery colloquialism, but it holds far more value than perhaps we realize. What Is Fellowship? All hobbit jokes aside, fellowship has a real-world definition. It is “a friendly association, especially with people who share one’s interests.” Simple enough, right? But in recovery, fellowship means a lot more than this. As a verb, “fellowshipping” is when people in recovery go somewhere together to spend time enjoying life in recovery. It could be getting coffee, going bowling, or reading the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. It could be when we go out with our closest friends from our recovery community. It could…

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The Benefits of the Great Outdoors

Young black man wearing trendy hipster clothes standing on rocks overlooking sea, spreading his arms, feeling carefree and happy, smiling, breathing fresh air. People, lifestyle and traveling

At Jaywalker Lodge, we take a holistic approach to recovery treatment. We understand the all-encompassing nature of the disease of alcoholism and addiction. This understanding drives us to pursue every effective method of recovery treatment and enhancement. We leave no stone unturned and deny no positive influence. We incorporate therapy (both individual and group methodologies) as well as service to the recovery community and our community at large. We also make sure that our Jaywalker men spend plenty of time in the great outdoors. While nature may not seem directly related to recovery, there are many undeniable benefits that it can provide. For centuries, humanity has revered nature and capitalized on its positive effects. From healing properties to physical fitness to emotional peace, the great outdoors can just about do it all. Regular exposure to fresh air and sunshine are crucial ingredients for optimal health across the entire spectrum of…

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It Works if You Work It: Recovery Takes Dedication

Looking Forward to Today

By now, most of us have heard the unofficial 12-Step program slogan: “It works if you work it!” Most newcomers to the rooms of recovery get an earful of this phrase after just about every meeting. It’s certainly thrown around enough that most of us stop really hearing it after a while. And we certainly stop paying attention to what it really means. The 12-Step program is nothing short of miraculous for so many of us who are alcoholics and addicts. Working the 12-Steps has changed most of our lives and turned them into something beyond our wildest dreams. However outlandish that sounds, it’s no exaggeration. It’s the truth for so many of us. So excuse us if we get too excited, but we were once dying from alcoholism and addiction just like you and every other newcomer. When they find the rooms of recovery, we want them to know this…

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