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17512_10151358585582639_1530995095_nOne of the primary desired outcomes of the Jaywalker Recovery Continuum is for our men to become “part of” rather than “separate from”. We strive to become part of something bigger than ourselves. Last week our men had the opportunity to be part of a huge community creative event on several fronts. The Carbondale Council on Arts and Humanities (CCAH) presented the 5th Annual “Green is the new Black Fashion Extravaganza.” This years theme “Myths and Legends” featured the sustainable designs of 40, mostly local, designers. The event provides funding for CCAH programming and scholarships for its community arts projects. Equally as impressive as the designs, is the sheer number of volunteers who bring the event to life. Over 150 volunteers, including 70 models dedicate their time and talent to support the Arts in the Carbondale community. Jaywalker alumni were part of the the Projection mapping technology team and the stage management crew. Jaywalker Lodge clients and Alumni also helped with stage construction and set-up. In addition, about a dozen of us had the pleasure to view the event Saturday Night. The result was spectacular; stunning designs, breathtaking performers, and a beautiful visual and sound show. It was fulfilling to see the community come together and showcase its enormous creative talent while bringing Art to the masses.

Mark Kloster

Alumni Coordinator