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bryce cI met Bryce last year when I was in the transition from night tech to weekend day tech.  I was a bit nervous and out of touch with life.  I remember Bryce coming into to the tech office full of life and energy.  He has a wonderful outgoing personality and he helped me with my introduction back into communication with the client population.  I was stuck in this fearful shell from working overnights and Bryce was my out!  There was one evening in particular where Bryce taught us how to “Whip it & nay nay,” and it was the first time I was able to get out of that shell and enjoy being free!   He showed me how to feel comfortable with who I am and that it is ok to be me.  God places people in our lives to help us with our personal journey in recovery.  Bryce may not know this, but he has helped me tremendously.  Throughout our time together at the Lodge we started to build a deeper relationship based on the principles of this program and I was able to share my experience strength and hope with him.  As our recovery got stronger Bryce asked me if would be able to sponsor him after he got out of the Lodge.  I told him to stay on the path that he was on and I knew it was in God’s hands at that point.  Not long after Bryce was out of the Lodge he asked me to sponsor him.  I was more than happy to say yes.  I asked Bryce if he was willing to go to any lengths and he said yes without any hesitation.  We started at step 1 and it has been a wonderful journey since that day!  I continue to work with Bryce regularly and he has been a bright spot in my recovery.  I look forward to continuing growth with Bryce in this wonderful journey of sobriety.  I am very grateful that our paths have crossed!  Congratulations on 365 days of consecutive sobriety!  YEEHAW!

Seth Howland