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Artist Steven Durow describing his sculpture Levee Break

More than seventy-five art enthusiasts had the opportunity to hear the artists’ share the “stories behind the sculptures” as Carbondale hosted the 11th Annual Art aRound Town Exhibition. Organized by the Carbondale Public Arts Commission (CPAC), this years installation features entries from 19 states and Bangkok.
Recent studies indicate that public art has a sizable impact building community and strengthening local economies in Colorado. The annual rotating exhibition is administered by CPAC, a town of Carbondale volunteer commission and funded by “One Percent for the Arts”.

Artist Steven Durow is the Senior Professor of Practice in Glass at Tulane University and currently resides in New Orleans. His sculpture of Steel and Cast Glass is a result of his experiences during hurricane Katrina. The ominous 20ft. sculpture featuring 2500 pounds of glass feels overwhelming when standing next to it. The Jaywalker men have been taking annual service trips to New Orleans to continue to help rebuild the devastated city. The sculpture reminded me of the incredible fury in which addiction can engulf our lives and consume all of those around us.

In recovery we get to enjoy the everyday beauty of things we used to take for granted. The joy and serenity we can experience through Art, Music, Poetry, and Nature are just a few of the many gifts a Life in Sobriety has to offer.

With Gratitude,

Mark Kloster
Alumni Coordinator