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alumni dinnerLast night Jaywalker put on another great Alumni Dinner prepared by the infamous Chef Brian. Every Wednesday night Jaywalker offers an Alumni dinner here at Jaywalker Lodge for all the men that have gone through a Jaywalker program. Carbondale has become home for many alumni that have decided to stick around after their stay at Jaywalker. This is a great opportunity for the alumni to stay in contact with the program that has helped them so much. It is also a great way for the men currently in Jaywalker programs to see that this program works and a perfect example is in the alumni that keep coming back. Many of the alumni follow Jaywalkers’ recommendation in fully engaging in the 12 steps and eventually start to sponsor some of the men in Jaywalker programs. Our alums provide an integral link to a successful life in recovery after treatment and are the role models of men demonstrating how to be productive members of society.

Donnie Hagenbart

Program Coordinator

Jaywalker U