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adam wheelie

Having never met a situation that he can’t handle, Adam Mink, decided the best way to celebrate his 5 years of sobriety was to anticipate and surprise his own surprise party. But before we reached this milestone for our beloved coffee shop manager and the local barista guru, we take a look back at how he got to where he is today. Monsieur Mink has found multiple ways to not only entertain himself but also everyone else around him! Whether it is shooting clays, pulling in monstrous trout out the river, shredding the sickest powder known to man, dirt biking with his homies, hanging out with his girlfriend, becoming a Kendama master or pouring out our hearts into latte art, Adam has been busy and keeping everyone around him on their toes anticipating what’s next. We don’t always know what to expect with him, so we were all eagerly anticipating his arrival at his house to celebrate his birthday! Having heard the door open we all hid waiting for him to come up stairs, yet to our surprise we kept waiting… Next thing we know Adam jumps from his room scaring us all, claiming he just walked upstairs sideways so we couldn’t see his skinny frame. HAHAHA. Congratulations to Adam on an awesome accomplishment with an even brighter future on the horizon! Toot-a-loo

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