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DISCIPLINE, FOCUS, CONDITIONING. These 3 words encapsulate the essence of the martial arts training the Solutions clients and staff engage in weekly. Both the Cuong Nhu and Tae Kwon Do disciplines we are engaged in are designed to impact us on all levels of our being. Classes are taught by 8th degree black belt Master Doug Fuschel (Tae Kwon Do) and 4th degree black belt Yondon Karen Bradshaw (Cuong Nhu). While the classes are varied in the types of activities we are engaged in they are similar in the demands they place on us physically, mentally, and emotionally. “Half measures avail us nothing” could easily be imprinted on the walls of both dojos. Self-defense, self-discipline, and self-confidence are what we strive to achieve.

Clients and staff of Solutions have also signed up to participate in the Kick a Thon at the Pro TKD Martial Arts studio on Feb 21. The event is a fundraiser which provides scholarships to locals wishing to engage in classes. It also supports the Pro TKD Dojang demo team and competition team. The Kick a Thon is an arduous undertaking where participants sign up to complete as many kicks as possible in a 15 minute time period. They are attempting to complete over 10,000 kicks as the Solutions team. Any donations of support would be much appreciated. We may all need wheelchairs on Feb 22.

Dan Reed
Program Director