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aaLogoToday, June 10th 2014, Alcoholics Anonymous celebrates the 79th anniversary since its founding in Akron, Ohio. On June 10th 1935, Bill Wilson and his friend Dr. Robert Smith set out to find the best way to reform alcoholics, and Alcoholics Anonymous was born.

Bill W. learned early on that the best way to stay sober was to carry the message to other alcoholics. By reaching out and connecting with Dr. Bob, he was able to maintain his own sobriety while giving hope to Dr. Bob. This design for living emphasized the need to seek help from others, find a power greater than themselves, and to carry the message to other alcoholics.

Alcoholics Anonymous has saved millions and we could not have done it with out the work of Bill Wilson and Dr. Robert Smith. We are forever grateful!

Have a Great AA Founder’s Day!

Donnie Hagenbart

Program Coordinator

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