/  Jaywalker   /   3.88 GPA

go kartingEveryone here at Jaywalker would like to congratulate the Jaywalker U students for completing the 2013 spring semester with a house GPA of 3.88. During our addiction a lot of us were incapable of going to college, not to mention getting good grades. Here at Jaywalker U the students are showing us that recovery, college, and good grades are possible.

A survey conducted by Alexandre B. Laudet indicates that this notable GPA of the Jaywalker U students is in line with the GPA of Collegiate Recovery Communities (CRC) across the country. CRC’s have higher GPA’s than the general collegiate population.  In addition, Laudet’s survey determined that the graduation rate of CRC students is 89%, while the graduation rate of the general student body is 61%.

The students at Jaywalker U are attending college in a new way:  they are drug free, they attend class, they personally meet their professors, they turn assignments in on time and they study for their tests.  These are the academic behaviors of students in recovery.  When congratulated about such a great semester JWU student stated, “Thank you, I am pretty happy about it. Oh wait, I have never gotten that high of a GPA before!” The Jaywalker U students are proving to their families and more importantly themselves that recovery and college are possible. Nice work guys and once again, congratulations.

Donnie Hagenbart

Program Coordinator

Jaywalker U