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jacquie jeff and drewWe’ve a number of characters here at planet Jaywalker.  The Poet, the Chef, the Matriarch, the Saint, and of course the Rock.  We also have the Teacher, aka Jacquie.  If it is true that the teacher appears when the student is ready, than those ready for Solutions will encounter a master.  Jacquie is a teacher of empathy, of focus, and of self-awareness.  She, in essence, is a teacher of life.  You will find in Jacquie’s office a wall full of credentials.  DBT, EMDR, TRE, and on and on. I would suggest her greatest credential is LOVE for the suffering addict. Jacquie is constantly driving forward, seeking to expand her horizons and share those lessons with those who are blessed to know her. When I moved over to Solutions a few years ago I had a vision of what it might become.  That vision has been exceeded because my copilot on this journey sees vistas I would have passed on by. Thank you Jacquie. You have taught us all. You DA WOMAN! Peace, D

Dan Reed

Program Director

Jaywalker Solutions