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Jacquie-Head-Shot-Unedited1-194x300Our own Jacquie Wheeler, Senior Counselor at the Solutions program, is celebrating 28 years of continuous sobriety today. I met Jacquie around 2003 when she was looking to move back to the valley where she originally got sober.  She was the only person I considered when the first Jaywalker IOP started up in 2007 and I needed a co-therapist.  She brings so many skills to the Jaywalker team.  Credentialed to the maximum; checkout the degrees and certifications on her wall sometime.  Her education, clinical wisdom, combined with her enthusiasm for recovery, in my book, make her one of the best counselors around. And being a wonderful human being is a sweet icing on the cake. Give her a big hug and congratulations on 28 years the next time you see her.

Kim Nuzzo

Senior Counselor

Jaywalker Lodge