Month: January 2023

What Is Addiction Transference?

Addiction transference

Addiction transference is the act of applying active or pre-existing addictive behaviors to another substance or compulsive behavior. Once developed, whether by cross-substance relapse or in addition to another substance or behavior, it’s doubly hazardous and potentially lethal to your health. That’s why addiction transference can be as much of a struggle as the substance dependency you battle. It can also be even more difficult to kick. Thus, it’s all the more vital to keep your guard up throughout recovery and beyond. Here is all about addiction transference causes, dangers, and ways to combat it. How Does Addiction Transference Occur? Addiction transference occurs for different reasons for different people. That’s because everybody’s struggle with dependency is unique with different behaviors and impulses. Jaywalker Lodge understands and expects this to be the case. That’s why our mental health and drug recovery specialists take a purely individualized approach to each person’s substance…

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Men’s Mental Health Stigma Explained

men mental health stigma

Even in this day and age, many still fear what they don’t understand. This has led to many developing a negative perception of certain things that don’t deserve such ideation. One example is men’s mental health stigma, where many believe that people who have mental health issues are dangerous, incurable, and even contagious. What is Mental Health Stigma? A stigma is defined as a negative attitude or discrimination against a person based on specific characteristics, such as disability, health disorder, or mental illness. It could even expand into a broader sense to include race, religion, culture, gender, and sexual orientation. Apart from racial prejudice, mental health stigma is one of the most prevalent negative perceptions that is prevalent in the world today. Many see it as a distinguishing mark of genetic or even racial and cultural inferiority, while others view it as a form of karmic or divine punishment for…

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