Month: September 2022

Married to an Addict: How to Make it Work

How to Make it Work having an addict spouse

Most married couples will agree that marriage isn’t always easy. Just like any other type of relationship, marriage comes with its challenges. However, those normal challenges can become even more difficult to overcome when addiction is in the picture. When a person is married to an addict, the stress and heartache they feel can be unbearable. Having a spouse with addiction may bring about many questions and doubts. One of the looming questions might center around whether or not the marriage should continue. Spouses may wonder if they should remain in a relationship with their husband or wife who is suffering from substance use disorder. If you are currently dealing with this question, you are not alone. Countless couples face this same query every single year. While separation or divorce might be the most obvious decision for some couples, it may not be what you want. So, if you’re married…

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What is Weekend Alcoholism?

weekend drinking

After a stressful week at work, a drink or two out with friends or at home probably sounds just like what you need to recharge. But what happens when a casual drink to adjust your attitude on a Friday or Saturday night becomes a blur? What happens if it turns into a night where you do things you normally wouldn’t do, or worse, that you regret? You may be a weekend alcoholic or binge drinker. This issue arises when casual drinking becomes something more of a drinking problem, an issue of dependency, or actual alcoholism. That’s right. You can be an alcoholic, even if you only drink on the weekends. A lot of people who only drink on the weekends justify their binge drinking because they only drink alcohol a couple of times a week. Weekend drinkers like to deny that they have an alcohol addiction and don’t pursue help…

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Chronic Relapse: What Is It and How You Can Find Help

chronic relapse

Addiction is complicated to treat as it can be an ongoing urge that requires persistence and resilience. It is not uncommon for people to find themselves right back in the first phase of recovery, as chronic relapse is an unfortunate, but not completely detrimental occurrence. Chronic relapse can become a cycle for some people where the person tries to kick the habit, gets into treatment, falls right back on their bad habits, and then tries to get clean again. This is referred to as a chronic relapse, and it is a continuing problem for many who simply could not get out of the repetitive scenarios. Some might think that even if the cycle puts the individual right back on square one, it is far better than not trying to kick the habit at all. The problem with the repetition is that in many instances, the person’s body has not really…

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Is Relapse a Part of Recovery?

addiction relapse

Addiction recovery is a journey worth celebrating. Winning the battle against substance use disorder is no easy feat. So, individuals who successfully complete addiction treatment should certainly be proud! However, it is important to note that the road to recovery can be strewed with challenging experiences. While going through treatment and after completing it, recovering individuals are likely to encounter hindrances and obstacles. They may even relapse. While it isn’t easy to come to grips with this possibility, it is imperative that recovering individuals know what to do after a relapse. If relapse does occur on the road to recovery, knowing how to make a comeback can make all the difference in the world. Combatting the Guilt of Relapse Firstly, it is necessary to answer the following question: Is relapse a part of recovery? In a word, yes. Often, even the most dedicated recovering individuals suffer from some stage of…

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