Month: December 2021

Benefits of Clean Eating During Recovery

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Recovering from addiction doesn’t only mean recovering from substance use. It also includes recovering from a previous lifestyle. During your client’s addiction, chances are they didn’t take care of their body. They might not have eaten foods that were good for them, and they probably weren’t overly concerned with a balanced diet. However, many substances can damage our bodies and deprive us of essential nutrients. Throughout the recovery journey, the mind needs to heal, as well as the body. One of the most critical steps to take is changing what is put into an individual’s body. What is Clean Eating In its simplest form, clean eating is all about eating high-quality, nutrient-rich, whole foods. This means avoiding foods that are highly processed and devoid of nutritional value. These include fruits, vegetables, proteins, and healthy carbohydrates that add something meaningful to the body. When eating these foods, it can be beneficial…

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Relationships and Recovery: Choosing Yourself, Choosing Your Partner

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While in active addiction, the choices and decisions on how we spend our time, money, and efforts are all hinged on our drug of choice. As we enter recovery, it can be difficult to learn how to be an attentive partner and a caring friend. Since we have spent years and years catering only to our own psychological and physiological needs, we must practice new habits in order to become better friends and partners. Identify Supportive Relationships Recovery impacts your relationships in a big way. Treatment allows you to take stock of your relationships and how they are serving you. During this time, you will begin to create your support system, which will be essential to your sobriety. You might already have supportive people in your life. There might have already been people who asked you to seek help. There might have been people who have had your back when…

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The “Heavyweight” Drinker

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Everyone has a friend in their group that can put it away more than anyone else. Maybe you’re that friend! For many men, in many cultures around the globe, a high tolerance for alcohol is associated with masculinity, pride, and competitiveness, things that we as men commonly struggle with. However, the dangers of binge drinking are clear and present. High tolerance for copious amounts of alcohol is not a good thing. Dangers of Binge Drinking Anything in excess usually isn’t good, but there can be severe consequences for alcohol. It might seem harmless fun to participate or encourage this behavior, but real problems can erupt from a culture of binge drinking. The truth is that, after a while, a person who drinks in excess can develop alcohol dependence or addiction. These outcomes can destroy relationships, opportunities, and the health of a person who becomes addicted. While your behavior or your…

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How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

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Getting plenty of rest is an essential part of maintaining your health as well as your sobriety. Your sleep impacts your mental health in a significant way. You may not realize how getting too little (or too much) sleep might be affecting you. Have you noticed how lack of sleep impacts your mood?  Sticking with a schedule when life gets hectic can make a huge difference. Getting enough sleep gives you the energy to take care of your needs. Here’s how to make sure you get enough sleep.  Why Is Rest So Important? Sleep impacts major parts of your health. From your brain’s ability to process information during the day to your muscles healing, your body relies on sleep. It’s recommended that every person gets at least seven to eight hours of sleep a night. However, the amount of sleep a person requires depends on their age. A child might…

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Speaking Your Truth

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After treatment, people might ask you about your journey through addiction treatment and achieving sobriety. It’s your choice to tell your story; however, there are plenty of benefits that come with speaking your truth, from ending the stigma to helping someone who might feel alone. Ultimately, it’s your decision to tell people about your truth as a person recovering from addiction, but you might be surprised by the positive impact you can have on others. What You Are Willing to Share You might feel reluctant to tell your story at first. There is a lot of shame and stigma surrounding addiction. The media doesn’t depict those struggling with addiction in the best light. At first, you might hesitate to tell others about your experience out of fear that you will get judged. It’s okay to share less at first. Even if you feel comfortable,  there might be details you don’t…

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